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  • Will Dog Training Classes Stress Out My Dog?

    Saturday, June 1st, 2019, 9:01 am

    If your dog is acting out or refusing to follow your basic commands, it’s time to take them to dog training class. By the time you’re done with one of these courses, you’ll have bonded more with your dog, and the two of you will have a lot of fun together. But when you first start the class, you may notice that your dog isn’t having fun at all. In fact, they may seem a little stressed out. Some dog owners are very concerned about this, but in most cases, it’s more a case of first-day jitters than it is anything serious.

    Learning Is Always a Little Stressful at First

    Think about your first day of school or college. Most kids or young adults are filled with a nervous 01energy. Each new school year meant new classes, new teachers, and maybe even new friends and a brand new school. Even if you weren’t exactly feeling stressed, you were likely feeling a touch anxious.

    That’s how your dog feels on the first day of obedience training. They’re put in a new environment and are around strange people. Nothing looks or smells the same, so it does throw them off a bit. But it’s no different than your first-day-of-school anxiety. It goes away once your dog becomes more comfortable with everything.

    Boarding Courses and Stress

    If you enroll your dog in a boarding program where they live with the trainer for a number of days, there’s actually less stress. Your dog lives in this environment 24/7, so they adapt to it. You’re not bringing your dog to a strange location for an hour or two a day. Instead, they get used to their new situation within a day or two. This helps your dog focus more on learning and less on looking around the area. Being in a trainer’s home instead of a kennel also helps lower the stress your dog is under.

    Doing something new is a touch stressful to humans and dogs alike, but once you get more comfortable with it, that stress goes away. At the Connected Canine, our boarding programs are designed to help your dog adjust quickly and get down to learning. Contact us today to learn more about these programs and how they work.

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