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  • Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

    Tuesday, September 19th, 2017, 1:35 am

    When we leave our dogs home alone during the day or head off on vacation, our pups can easily become distressed or scared. They may chew on the furniture, pee on the floor, or even cause damage to themselves. While we hate to see our dogs so distraught over the thought of us leaving them behind — even for a short period of time — separation anxiety is very real for pets.

    However, there are ways you can help your dog deal with the separation anxiety they experience. The first step is understanding what it looks like and what training options are available to you.

    About Separation Anxiety 

    If our animals are not used to being left alone, they're not quite sure how to react. If they're used to you always being around, they may act out in a panic. While some owners may view this as the dog's attempt to "punish" them for leaving them alone, separation anxiety is best described as the dog's inability to cope without you.

    Separation anxiety is most easily dealt with by showing the animal that everything will be okay, even if they're alone. Here are a few things you can try to make your pet feel more comfortable.

    1. Stop Making a Scene 

    When you leave or enter the house, you're probably excited to see your pet. However, saying a long goodbye or getting overly excited when you come home can signal to the dog that it's not normal for you to be gone. If you stop making a scene about your coming and going, your dog will realize everything is okay.

    2. Practice Coming and Going 

    To get your pet used to you leaving, practice coming and going regularly. Depending on how severe your dog's separation anxiety is, leave him or her alone for just a few minutes. Ease into spending time apart so they understand when you're leaving.

    Proper training can help your dog handle his or her separation anxiety, helping both of you rest a bit easier. If you're ready to schedule a training appointment with your dog, contact The Connected Canine at 818.538.8459.

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