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  • Two Puppies is Not Better Than One

    Sunday, May 15th, 2016, 2:22 pm

    What could be better than one adorable puppy? How about two!!! People who don’t already have a dog often think that getting two puppies at the same time is a great idea. They’ll keep each other company while the family is out, tire each other out playing together, and they’ll get to grow up and spend their lives together. And what could be cuter than two puppies! Squeee!!!

    While it is really important for puppies to stay with their mother and littermates for at least the first eight weeks of life as we explained in our last blog, growing up in the same home with a sibling can lead to a whole host of behavioral issues that are commonly referred to as “littermate syndrome.”

    Puppy siblings who are raised together tend to become over-attached to each other and bond much less strongly with their human families. They can become so dependent on each other that they become a kind of security blanket for each other and can become extremely distressed when separated, even briefly. They tend to be more fearful of strangers, other dogs, and new situations and, since they play so much together, often have trouble learning to relate to other dogs.

    Training is often more challenging because the puppies are so wrapped up in their own private world that keeping their attention for long enough to teach them things is difficult. Littermates, especially same gender siblings, are also more likely to develop aggression toward each other once they enter adolescence and adulthood.

    Reputable breeders and rescues will not place littermates in the same home, so if the one you’re considering allows or, even worse, suggests it, that’s a good sign you should look somewhere else.

    We are often contacted by people who adopted littermates because they didn’t know it was a bad idea.

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