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    We cannot say enough about Sarah and Jason. Because of them our much-loved but anxious and spirited Australian Shepherd is now not just a good dog, but a great dog -- and much happier. The Connected Canine should be called The Miracle Workers. Jason and Sarah really know dogs and are good at training both the pets and the pets' families. I am recommending them to everyone I know. And now I am going out to walk my perfectly-behaved Aussie!

    Highly HIGHLY recommend. Awesome people, incredible results! And love that boarding with them continues to reinforce all the training. :)

    I HIGHLY recommend The Connected Canine!! They do an excellent job of solving all problems and issues. They give you real life solutions that you can easily put into action and make them work for you and your dog. You will love working with them and so will your dog!!

    Jerry and I are over the moon pleased with our new and improved Rocket and we would like to RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICES TO EVERYONE WE KNOW!!!

    Rocket has been so great! We have been going to dinner again. Our LIFE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, he has been a perfect gentleman at daycare. We have been getting rave reviews from the staff and we are repeatedly told that he’s everyone’s favorite! I know you know how hard it is to be the owner of an out of control dog that nobody likes. It is such a huge compliment to hear how wonderful he is. Viszlas are so crazy by nature, and you two have definitely tamed our sweet beast!

    Rocket is not in love with staying in place, but his listening in public places is amazing. He’s still wary of incoming visitors to our house, but he’s quickly controlled and calms right down. Family and friends have all commented on his transformation. We couldn’t be more pleased! We are enjoying him so much!!!

    We are looking forward to our follow up visits and more boarding. You guys have just been wonderful!!!

    Sarah and Jason are absolutely amazing trainers! Prior to contacting them, I had Marty for six months and rescued him from Take Me Home. The problems I had with Marty was he constantly barked at guests in my house, barked and lunged at dogs on walks (to the extent where he would choke himself) and marked in the house when we were out. Sarah and Jason first told me that not all dogs are friendly and wants to be cuddled by everyone..and it's VERY true. Marty is very sweet towards me and the people he knows. But he's not the type of dog you can take to the dog park and expect him to be a social butterfly. And even with all the training, Marty will always be an introvert which is absolutely fine! You can't change a dog's personality, but you sure can change their bad behaviors! With their training, Marty has now minimized his barking to guests, does not lunge or bark at dogs, and never marks inside the house now! They teach you the basic training commands such as place and down. Also, they used a prong collar and leash on him on walks and pretty much everywhere including the house. At first I was scared of the prong collar due a bad experience with horrible trainers with my old dog. But they taught me that using a prong collar is only effective when used correctly. And certainly it is VERY effective. I can't emphasize on how much it has helped Marty on walks. I love running at Newport Beach where there are a lot of dogs. He barely lunges at dogs now and if he does I correct him with the prong collar. I specially hired them because I was having family over during the holidays and I had about 15 people staying at my house. Even with all the chaos and new people, Marty behaved so well! Another major thing they taught me was that people have to respect Marty's space. In other words, when guests would come over I told them to ignore him (I also tell this to people who want to pet him when we're on walks). And by doing that Marty understood that he can trust me that he won't get hurt by others. My family ignored him and eventually Marty got used to them and trusted them! Within a couple of days everyone was petting him! Sarah and Jason not only helped Marty, but they helped me as well. They made me into a more confident dog owner. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for Marty and myself. I highly recommend them if you have any trouble with your dogs. Even after our training has ended, they continue to help me out!

    They told me they are always here for me and they live by those words!

    Thanks to some help from our friends at Connected Canine Dog Training, our walks and our visit to the beach went great ! Madison and Jim have changed so much

    I HIGHLY recommend The Connected Canine. The owners, Sarah and Jason are amazing. They are very intuitive when it comes to dogs and they immediately pick up on the issues and have solutions for any problem. They give you real life solutions that are easy to understand and implement. They know how to solve any problem - big or small. After training with The Connected Canine, you will be amazed at how much more you enjoy your dog and your dog appreciates your guidance. Our high energy dog is now easy to walk, listens to all commands and good when guests come over. Sarah and Jason not only trained our dog but they also trained us on how to handle him. As a bonus, they are also very knowledgeable on food and nutrition for your dog. I would recommend Sarah and Jason to anyone with a dog! They are the BEST!

    Jason and Sarah worked miracles on our very active Jack Russell terrier "Popeye". Here is the story of a dog name Popeye...Popeye a dog full of energy, was pretty much running our house. He did not have any manners towards strangers and other dogs. On our walks he would walk us, instead of us walking him. He would mark every corner if possible, he would bark at any dog behind a fence. Walking him was a nightmare, that's until we found Jason and Sarah. Since day one our dog was already doing place for a few hours and was walking right next to us on our walks. What amazed me the most was the attention Popeye would give us as we walked him, as he kept checking with us as if he was getting our approval?

    They not only trained our dog, they also trained us on how to work with our rascal. They provided us the necessary tools to continue to work with our highenergy dog. Oh did I mention that they continue to help you as we encounter other situations. Two months later, they are still answering my emails as I continue to have questions. Thanks again for all your help.

    Wow!!! Jason and Sarah are not only the sweetest people, they are incredibly intuitive about dogs and people and how they live the best together and THAT's their business.

    They train dogs to mind their manners, respect house guests, furniture, the kitchen and doors, their leash on walks, other dogs, kids, noises, essentially to cooperate with us in our human lives and in return they have their own special place that's safe and cozy from the chaos of our lives. IT'S AMAZING and the dogs love it!! They come back so calm and happy!

    If you have a sweet dog that is fearful or aggressive with people or other dogs/animals, etc., you are in the best hands you could ever be with Sarah and Jason. They are just the people you need to bring the best out in your pup. We couldn't recommend them more.

    Our dog, Rocket is a high strung male, Vizsla and he has always had a cute personality. Unfortunately, he's so affectionate and attached to us, he would aggressively bark his lungs out and lunge at our house guests and kids, skateboards, bikes and he couldn't be left at home without having major panic attacks. IT WAS UNMANAGEABLE and we wanted the freedom to have friends over or go out.

    I'm so pleased to say that Rocket is a happy guy and thriving at home without us there, and house guests are loving him as much as we do, yet his sweet comic personality is still there, but his manners are completely controlled. It's has been an amazing transformation.

    Thanks Sarah and Jason!!!!

    Sarah and Jason are awesome dog trainers! I recently rescued two chihuahua mixes and the girls were pulling me like crazy on the walk, barking at anyone and everything, and not listening to me at all. Penelope (the younger one) had severe separation anxiety and was starting to get kind of pushy with Sweet Pea (the older one and Penelope's mom). Sweet Pea was still having accidents in the house. I had tried working with two other trainers before, but I just didn't see the results I needed. The girls would sit or do some tricks for treats, but that did nothing to change the bad behavior. After my very first session with The Connected Canine, I was finally able to take my dogs out to a restaurant for the first time without being worried that they would create a scene. They actually listen to me now and we are all able to enjoy our walks! In my opinion, Jason and Sarah are two of the best dog trainers in the Los Angeles area. They weren't just great at getting my dogs to listen, they were able to show me how to get the same

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