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    Saturday, December 16th, 2017, 7:30 pm

    One of our clients kindly stated that The Connected Canine Dog Training Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, should be called “The Miracle Workers” due to our work with her nervous and spirited Australian Shepherd.

    The pet parent credited us with transforming their anxious Aussie into “not just a good dog, but a great dog” who is much happier. We know how overwhelming dog ownership can be, especially when a pup is anxious or aggressive. Our work may seem like a miracle to those who haven’t spent the better portion of their lives as dedicated dog trainers and behaviorists, but at The Connected Canine, we know dogs. As we state on our ‘About Us’ page, we are all committed to the same goal - creating amazing well-behaved dogs and happy, highly satisfied owners.

    Think your dog could use a behavior boost? Try changing the way you speak to your pooch. In this previous blog, we discuss how important it is to be aware of how you speak to your dog.

    Just like communication with humans, it’s about how you say things, not necessarily what you say that gets dogs to react.

    We remind our clients all the time: When you are trying to get your dog to listen to you, you need to tell them what to do, don’t ask them! If you say Sit?” they might think, “hmmm, no I’m good, I don’t want to sit right now.” On the other hand, don’t yell “Sit!” either. So what’s the solution? Put a period at the end of your commands for a better response, just say "Sit." They may not comply, but that’s OK. Say "No, sit."

    We offer numerous dog training programs that result in happier and more well-behaved dogs (and dog families). Live in the San Fernando Valley area? Contact us about our in-house programs if your efforts with the punctuation tactic still aren't cutting it.

    We are grateful to all of our clients who have trusted us to train and rehabilitate their furry family members. We know how lucky we are to work with such sweet doggies. Just remember, just like humans- big and small- dogs need patience, understanding and trust to be the best they can be, and we strive to bring out the best in all of the dogs (and humans) with whom we work!

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