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    What You Need to Know About Our Programs

    What’s awesome about working with us:

    • Lots of personal attention (for you and your dog). We only take two dogs for training at a time.
    • Training in everyday life situations. Your dogs stay in our home, not in a kennel with a ton of other dogs, so your dog learns how to behave in real life.
    • Socialization every day for your dog. So much better than a dog park - this is more of a cocktail party and less of a mosh pit! Awesome for dogs that are shy or act inappropriately with other dogs at times, too. Penny (one of our dogs) is the Social Director!
    • Daily “Pack Walks” Training goes even faster when we have all the dogs walking together, in the same direction, following us as their leaders. This helps combine obedience training and the ever important social skills dogs need.
    • Access to our exclusive “Board & Play” program, which is only available for dogs that have been through our training programs. Your dogs know us and have been with us before, and we can give them a little “training brush-up” while you’re on vacation.
    • Invitations to our “Pack Walk” Outings. We get together as a group (where you’ll get to meet other families like you who have been through our programs!) and go to a challenging location with distractions (like a park) for a walk together to fine tune what your dog has learned.
    • You get TWO trainers - a family team (Sarah & Jason) to work with you and your family. It’s great to have a couple helping you in case your dog (or you, for that matter!) relate better to one or the other!
    • Email and phone support - Both during and after your program, we’ll be here for you whenever you have questions about your dog.
    • Our Risk-Free Guarantee (available on larger programs) ~ This is our promise to you that if you are following our training guidelines and are still having trouble, we will continue to work with you and your dog until you have achieved the goals of the program.

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