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    Tuesday, January 24th, 2017, 3:03 am

    For many, a pooch may be their “first born” child, but the “parents” eventually decide to expand their human family. If you have trained your dog well and maintained good habits for its life pre-baby, then the easier it will be when the new addition arrives. Regardless of how well behaved your furbaby was and how easily he fit into your life before your human baby was born, there is usually a period of adjustment each time the family grows.

    Prepping your dog for your new arrival may not be a high priority with everything else expectant parents have going on, but it is crucial to communicate to your dog that they are still loved and although things may be a little different, life will continue to be a fun adventure for them -- and they will now have a new buddy to bond with and protect!

    Many women note that their pup was able to sense that they were pregnant -- stories of the pet’s changed behavior, such as becoming more attentive and protective abound. It’s smart to take stock of how things are going for your pup and their role in your family as soon as you know your family is expecting. Hopefully you have brought your dog to Connected Canine to participate in one of our obedience and training programs when they were a pup.

    At our dog training practice in Los Angeles /San Fernando Valley, we are dedicated to helping people and their pets live happier lives -- together. Usually it takes a little bit of training (that means training the dog and the human) to get on the right track. Our goal is to enhance the lives or our human and canine clients. Let us know how we can help!

    If you neglected obedience classes or if you and your dog have fallen off the bandwagon, then the beginning of your pregnancy is the right time to get your dog’s behavior back in line. Behavior issues like jumping to greet you and guests may not seem “bad” right now, but with an infant or when you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, these seemingly harmless habits can be dangerous and disruptive.

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