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  • My Dog Doesn’t Play Well with Other Dogs – Can I Still Take Him to Training?

    Friday, February 1st, 2019, 9:01 am

    If you have a dog that is often aggressive towards other dogs, you might have two thoughts towards dog training courses. First, you may think that these classes will help your dog calm down and obey you. Second, though, is that you may realize that your dog might be too aggressive towards the other dogs in the program. What if your dog injures another or attacks one of the other owners or trainers? Instead of a group class, enrolling your dog in a boarding programing can be very helpful. In these programs, your dog stays with a trainer for several days and learns basic commands as well as become socialized.

    What these Programs Entail

    These programs let your dog get used to commands and working with a human without being overwhelmed. Sometimes dogs simply can’t handle being around a lot of other animals, especially if they didn’t have a lot of contact with their littermates or have been on their own for some time. Starting with one-on-one lessons under the watch of a professional can help them learn to obey and even calm them down. They can then move on to socializing with one or two dogs to help them get used to others before they start socializing in large groups. These boarding programs often involve daily walks with other dogs or visits to dog parks.

    Hold Off on Over-Exposure

    An aggressive dog isn’t going to get over their issues with other animals by being around them all the time. This usually makes things worse, not better. You can slowly introduce your dog to another before training, but you’ll want to keep these interactions short and stop them if one or both dogs get upset.

    You can still get training for your dog even if they don’t play well with other animals, but it’s always best to start off with one-on-one lessons and extended stay trainings that involve short socialization periods. Let your dog get used to others first before you move on to large groups.

    Here at The Connected Canine Dog Training, we’ve worked with aggressive dogs before, and we’re ready to help you. Contact us today to learn more.

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