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  • How to Handle Dog Resource Guarding

    Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, 1:41 am

    Anytime our dogs get protective of their food, toys, or shelter, it can be cause for alarm — especially if the animal is getting aggressive around kids or children. However, this kind of resource guarding can actually be like second-nature to the pet.

    When in the wild, dogs need to protect their belongings from threats. In some cases, they may view you as someone trying to harm them, causing them to growl or show signs of aggression. With the right understanding of this aggression, you can properly train your dog to stop showing signs.

    How Does Resource Guarding Develop?

    Dogs begin guarding their resources if they feel like their food or toys are about to be taken away. In most cases, dogs will not develop this type of behavior if they're left alone while eating or playing. However, they may begin biting or snapping at other animals or humans if they start to feel threatened.

    These kinds of instincts are natural for the dog. In order to ensure they do not act on them, you want to do whatever you can to guarantee they're not provoked when they may be defensive. Unfortunately, once dogs realize that this kind of behavior may cause humans and other animals to back away from their food or toys, they will keep it up.

    How to Stop Resource Guarding 

    The best way to stop resource guarding in your dogs is to prevent it from beginning in the first place. Through minimizing their aggression, we can prevent them from showing these behaviors.

    It's also important to build trust with your dog. If they see you or another animal in your household as a threat to their well-being, they're going to try to defend themselves. Establishing trust and a strong relationship can minimize tension and ensure they don't get protective.

    Proper training is always important when it comes to the safety of your family and your animals. For additional tips on resource guarding or to schedule a training, contact the Connected Canine at 818.538.8459. We proudly serve the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles Area.

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