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  • Dogs Need Manners Too! San Fernando Valley Polite Pooch Dog Training Program

    Monday, October 26th, 2015, 8:00 pm

    We all love our dogs, but some are more naughty than others. While your pet’s idiosyncracies may be cute to a point, the fact remains that you (the human(s) of the house) need to be in charge. For the sake of your dog’s health, behavior and overall well-being, it’s crucial for the pet parent to take the reigns and be the leader of the pack- for the entire family as well. Otherwise, your dog will feel the need to fill that position based on instinct- whether or not your dog is cut out for a “management” position.

    Our ‘Polite Pooch’ dog training program results in well-mannered, happy dogs. You can think of it like an etiquette school for your pet! Every dog owner wants a dog that behaves, listens, responds to commands and maybe even has a few tricks up his sleeve, but not everybody has the time ti devote to training, especially at the beginning stages when it’s hardest to make these behaviors a habit.

    At The Connected Canine Dog Training Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, we know that the key to learning (and maintaining the knowledge) of more commands is a longer stay with us.

    We do the work for you here, and although you need to continue our lessons and instill these behaviors in your dog, our Polite Pooch program provides the learning atmosphere dogs need to succeed.

    Not only does the learning environment we provide allow for faster training of your pooch, but it’s also more reliable- we know what we’re doing! This program will give you the commands you need for your dog to listen and be well-behaved everywhere.

    So, what can you expect when you sign your pup up for our Polite Pooch program?

    • Your dog gets a 12-day stay with us.
    • “Field trip training.” Your dog isn’t cooped up in a house the whole time! We’ll expose him to “real world” situations at public locations (like parks and other dog friendly places).
    • Photo and video updates throughout the 12-day training “intensive.”
    • We train humans too! You’ll come for a session halfway through your pooch’s stay.
    • Another lesson all together at the end of the 12-day program.
    • Unlimited follow-up lessons with us, anytime you need any extra help.
    • Bonus: We happily offer a 2-day “Board and Play” refresher for when you go out of town.

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