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  • Dog Parents Expecting a Human Baby: How to Prepare

    Friday, February 24th, 2017, 3:51 am

    Bringing an infant home is a surreal experience, and we want our whole inner circle to be apart of it, even the furry family members. Grabbing about and kicking starts early for babies, and while their little limbs can’t do much damage, they could set Fido off.

    Teaching children how to treat dogs

    From as early on as possible, especially once your child is up and moving about, it’s important to teach your tot to be gentle with their fuzzy sibling. Show your child how to gently pet your dog, and then help them do it. No need to grab on fur or get rough, Fido is usually just looking for another belly rub or session of fetch without realizing this little creature he’s sniffing can’t even walk yet!

    Food fights may be fun: they’re oftentimes spontaneous, and if it’s a baby who started it, the “fight” may be unintentional. However, the dog’s water and food bowls should have a homebase on your kitchen counter unless it’s time to eat. Early stages of walking tots lead to many little accidents, and the less obstacles in the child’s way, the better.

    Many parents choose to have safety gates installed in an effort to block certain family members from certain rooms. These gates don’t always have to remain closed, but when baby is rolling and beginning to drag and crawl around, they should be able to explore this developing movement without Fido getting in their way.

    Always supervise children and dogs

    Do not leave your child, or anyone else’s along with your dog. There is not accounting for behavior, even for usually well-trained, well-mannered dogs. Infants, toddlers and young kids often do things that can startle or irritate Sparky, such as moving quickly, kicking around or squealing. Bizarre behavior on the part of your dog, like pacing back and forth or unusual eye contact may indicate that your pooch doesn’t feel quite right about the new situation and he’s uncomfortable.

    Dog and baby friendships

    Think of all of the fun your new bundle of joy will get from seeing your spritely pup bop around! Your dog will be happy to have somebody else to love in the house. Soon enough, they will think of your baby as one of their own. And bond -- they will! Your toddler and your pooch may appear to have their own secret language, and they actually kind of do! Both canines and toddlers each comprehend approximately 250 of words and gestures. We like to tell our human clients that their dog is as smart as a 2-year-old toddler. This may seem eerily accurate to those once-expectant parents who now all of a suddenly understand why their “kids” always seem to be in cahoots!

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