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  • First-Time Dog Owner Mistakes to Avoid

    Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, 1:40 am

    As dog owners, we like to believe we’re doing all that we can to ensure a happy and healthy life for our four-legged family members. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that even the most loving pet parents make.

    Here are five of the most common mistakes we make as dog owners and what you can do to avoid them.

    1. Adopting or buying a dog without a plan.

    Dogs need care and attention and they will need that same level of care and attention throughout the many years of their life. If you aren’t fully prepared or understanding of what those needs are, you probably aren’t ready to be a dog owner.

    Before you adopt an animal, do your research and ensure you’re able to meet the needs of the breed you’re hoping to own.

    2. Not getting professional obedience help.

    Many dog owners feel that they can train their animal without needing to go to obedience school. Those same owners usually end up with a dog with bad habits and bad manners.

    For a pet that is pleasant and obedient, get professional help while the animal is still a puppy.

    3. Not laying down the law.

    You and the members of your family should all be on the same page for rules and expectations for your pets. If the dog is not allowed on the furniture, all family members need to enforce that rule.

    Not having clearly defined rules for your dog can confuse them and make it difficult for them to follow instructions.

    4. Not staying active with your dog.

    Just like you, your dog needs physical and mental stimulation. If you’re simply letting them roam around your house, they’ll get bored and lazy.

    Take your dog on regular walks and purchase puzzle-like toys for them to play with. With mental and physical activity, your pet will stay smart, healthy, and happy.

    5. Leaving your puppy alone.

    Many of us rush out of our houses for school or work each day, leaving our dogs alone in the home. While leaving the animal alone for a few hours isn’t a big deal, if you’re constantly leaving your dog alone for the majority of the day, they may develop behavioral issues.

    If you have to be gone for an extended period of time, hire a dog sitter or take your pup to a daycare center.

    If you need training for your pooch in San Fernando Valley, CA, contact The Connected Canine Dog Training.

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