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    27 Mar

    What Age is Best to Take a Puppy Home

    Puppy breath, puppy bellies, and adorable puppy antics. Everybody loves puppies! Teeny, tiny puppies are so cute and, if you’re thinking about getting a new puppy, you probably want to bring it home as soon as you can so you won’t miss out on a s Read more...

    26 Jan

    Training Helps Dogs Face Their Fears

    "My Dog Doesn't Like Men Who Wear Brown Shoes With Black Pants" At The Connected Canine Dog Training Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, we spend a lot of time talking to people about their dogs, and asking questions to figure out what’s going Read more...

    22 Dec

    Part II - New Dog Owners: What Not to Do

    In this blog we will continue the topic of what not to do with a new dog from our last blog! So what other human behaviors annoy your dog or are just plain bad for training? Make sure your kids know how to treat the dog. Children run around in Read more...

    28 Nov

    New Dog Owners: What Not to Do

    Whether you have adopted a pup from a rescue or shelter or purchased them from a breeder or pet store, every dog has their own set of idiosyncrasies as an individual doggie and as a member of a specific breed or combination of breeds. Though our furr Read more...

    19 Jul

    The #1 Command That Every Dog Should Know!

    We believe "place" is the one command that absolutely every dog should know! It's a great way to address all kinds of issues, like bolting through doorways, jumping on guests, or begging at the dinner table, but it's also a great way to teach a d Read more...

    30 Jun

    Leading the Pack with Calmness and Consistency

    All dog owners want their dogs to listen to them, but we see so many people struggling in this area. If you want your dog to listen to you, and to have control of your pup in challenging or exciting situations, your dog needs to see you as the leader Read more...