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    24 Jan

    Preparing Your Dog for Your Growing Family

    For many, a pooch may be their “first born” child, but the “parents” eventually decide to expand their human family. If you have trained your dog well and maintained good habits for its life pre-baby, then the easier it will be when the new a Read more...

    6 Dec

    Tips for All Dog Owners

    We all love our pets so we want to do all that we can to maintain their safety. But even if we have the best intentions, there are a few big mistakes that dog owners can make. Whether you’re a long-time dog owner or you’ve just adopted your fi Read more...

    8 Nov

    First-Time Dog Owner Mistakes to Avoid

    As dog owners, we like to believe we’re doing all that we can to ensure a happy and healthy life for our four-legged family members. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that even the most loving pet parents make. Here are five of the Read more...

    29 Oct

    New(er) Approaches to Dog Training

    Dog training is a constantly evolving field with innovative techniques popping up often and a rotating list of best practices to test. There are several areas that have received more and more attention in recent years that we explore below. Humans a Read more...

    28 Sep

    Helping Dogs Become Polite and Patient Pups

    Here at The Connected Canine, we specialize in helping dog owners throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area improve their relationships with their pet pooches through a variety of puppy and dog training programs. We are not your sta Read more...

    18 Jul

    The Critical Age for Socializing Your Puppy

    So you just brought home your adorable eight week old puppy and you’re trying to do everything right to ensure this dog grows into a wonderful companion for your family. You’re working on potty training, feeding a good food, teaching some basic c Read more...

    15 May

    Two Puppies is Not Better Than One

    What could be better than one adorable puppy? How about two!!! People who don’t already have a dog often think that getting two puppies at the same time is a great idea. They’ll keep each other company while the family is out, tire each other out Read more...

    21 Apr

    Before You Take Your Puppy Home, Know This

    Many studies have shown that puppies who are removed before eight weeks are much more likely to develop aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, learning problems, and over-reactivity to things like touch and noise. The earlier puppies are removed from the Read more...