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    17 Jan

    How to Find a Good Dog Trainer Part I

    Finding the right dog trainer can make or break the training experience. With the right trainer, learning can be fun for your pet. However, finding the right person for the job isn't always easy. To help you get started, let's take a look a few of Read more...

    17 Nov

    Barking, Continued: Determining the Cause

    In our last blog, we discussed some common causes of barking. While there are numerous reasons why it can happen, there are just as many ways to mitigate the potential cause or address the issues affecting your pooch -- all of which hopefully lead to Read more...

    18 Oct

    Barking: Determine the Cause

    We may love our dogs, but most people don’t love the sound of a dog barking, especially when it’s incessant and unnecessary. Ideally, our dogs would only bark if there was a true threat, or of course a couple of barks here and there if little old Read more...

    19 Sep

    Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

    When we leave our dogs home alone during the day or head off on vacation, our pups can easily become distressed or scared. They may chew on the furniture, pee on the floor, or even cause damage to themselves. While we hate to see our dogs so distraug Read more...

    16 Aug

    How to Handle Dog Resource Guarding

    Anytime our dogs get protective of their food, toys, or shelter, it can be cause for alarm — especially if the animal is getting aggressive around kids or children. However, this kind of resource guarding can actually be like second-nature to the p Read more...

    20 Jul

    How to Address Dog Thunder Phobias

    When we think about summer, we often imagine our dogs swimming, playing outside, or just hanging out with the family on the patio. Unfortunately, our pets may have different ideas about what the summer months entail. With frequent loud noises, such a Read more...

    10 Jun

    Keep Dogs and Kids Safe

    Dogs and kids can be the best of friends, but they don't always start out that way. If your dogs aren't used to children or the kids aren't used to having pets around, problems may arise. Without the proper patience and training on both ends, both yo Read more...

    28 Mar

    Stop Puppy Aggression in its Tracks

    Did you know there are numerous types of dog aggression? Since humans aren’t exactly fluent in the language of puppies, first-time pooch parents can use a little help communicating with their new canine family members. When it comes to seemingly Read more...

    24 Feb

    Dog Parents Expecting a Human Baby: How to Prepare

    Bringing an infant home is a surreal experience, and we want our whole inner circle to be apart of it, even the furry family members. Grabbing about and kicking starts early for babies, and while their little limbs can’t do much damage, they could Read more...